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The Canary Ankle Boots

Inspired by one of the United Kingdom’s financial centres, this Ankle Boot is made for the modern gentleman. Representing a class of premium luxury, which is evident in the detailed style and heritage of this handmade masterpiece. Your Canary Ankle Boot is a bespoke work of art and can have the sole highlighted with our trademark colour green, Blue or Yellow.




The Wedding Collection

This collection of Patent Wedding Shoes are from our first edition of Wedding Shoes made for love birds. Very important to both the bride and groom on one of the most important days of their lives, is the need for a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes which encapsulates their beautiful love story. The Solemate by Dapper Wedding Shoes are designed with comfort and style in mind. What makes it even better is that one doesn’t even need to break the bank either.



The Maitama Ankle Boots

For the responsible gentleman whose presence brings an undeniable level of affluence the Maitama Ankle Boot allows you to impress with class and style. Inspired by one of Africa’s most luxurious districts, the Maitama Boot can be highlighted with our exclusive blue soles.



Exclusive Skin Types

From Genuine Alligator skins, soft calf, 100% ostrich quill, Deerskin, Frog or Squid Skins and more Solemate Shoes are made from rare exotic skins sourced with the end user in mind.



The Sharjah Ankle Boots

The Emirates of Sharjah is one of the states of the United Arab Emirates. The third largest emirate in the UAE, Sharjah is the only one to have land on both the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Inspiring this electrifying pair of boots; it represents the bold and adventurous gentleman who likes to break rules.




The Abbey Green Tweed Brogues

This collection of Tweed and Leather resonates with the mentally agile gentleman with a unique perception to style. For the man who wants to offer hope and illuminate success your choice of Abbey Green Tweed will be exclusively made with you in mind. Inspired by the famous Abbey Road, the most famous recording studio in the world located in the prestigious city of Westminster in London.



Two Tone Oxford Shoes

Away from the norm, you need a pair of two-tone oxford shoes. Specially constructed and available in any chosen skin type, a pair of Oxfords can be worn in almost any type of formal occasion. And if you are wearing a dark suit or a business suit, you can’t go wrong by wearing a pair of Oxfords. This model can be made in any single tone colour and you would be smart to get a pair of black ones too. They are also a good choice to pair with a navy blazer and gray flannel trousers for the more casual look.



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