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Family Name Property Definition. The direct of usages of UIFont(name:size:) seems to be a little bit concise here.

One final note: You may notice that some of the fonts don't work on Instagram. Let’s look at the way we use pure, non-abstracted UIKit to initialize a glorious custom font that comes bundled with iOS. The name of the font family that identifies one (or more) specific fonts.

public static UIKit.UIFont FromName (string name, nfloat size); static member FromName : string * nfloat -> UIKit.UIFont Parameters. iOS UIFont names.

Embed Embed this gist in your website. This font name was no where to be found in the font properties or from the macOS font viewer. add a comment | 5. In this article.

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label. The name of the font family that identifies one (or more) specific fonts. And in Log with cmd+f search for your new Font Name.

Any ideas? Attributes. Using Custom Fonts in Swift Code.
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[get: Foundation.Export("familyName", ObjCRuntime.ArgumentSemantic.Strong)] public virtual string FamilyName { get; } member this.FamilyName : string Property Value.

UIFont. @Vulcan said: In Android, change the Application Name of Android Manifest of Android project's property.

Xamarin.iOS.dll. 96 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges.

name String. In this article.

In a list view – in this particular example, emails – iOS treats the sender’s name as normal-sized text (17pt), and the subject and preview as secondary, smaller text (15pt).

Step 6: Use UIFont and specify the name of the font.

Auf iPhone und iPad können Sie in den iOS-Einstellungen für "Mail" nur ganz unten den Standard-Account festlegen, der zum Verfassen von E-Mails dient. Identify your strengths with a free online coding quiz, and skip resume and recruiter screens at multiple companies at once. A handy cheatsheet for calling UIFont(name: size:) Stars. Rename the Postscript name of file FontAwesome.ttf with a tool like ttx for example and use the new name in NSString+FontAwesome.h Here is the step by step for second solution : Install fonttools

iOS Fonts A Place for Happy Typography. But the name often isn’t the same as the font’s filename. size nfloat. Skip to content. 233.

Star 98 Fork 16 Code Revisions 1 Stars 98 Forks 16. String. Sign up or ... San Francisco is also used in iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. UIFont. But the current name gets the point across, and it's nice and short :) So, anyway, that's why you're able to copy and paste these fonts into Instagram.


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