How to Measure

Measuring your feet Kindly follow the quick steps below to get your accurate feet size. If preferable, ask a friend, a partner or anyone you trust, to help you. The entire process will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1:

Print this PDF document

Step 2:

Get a black pen or dark coloured marker pen. Please ensure the pen is thick enough to be visible

Step 3:

Get a measuring tape and keep it ready within reach

Step 4:

Place your foot on the printed plain A4 paper attached in this document, making sure your heel matches the marker on the sheet.

Step 5:

Draw around your foot with the pen, holding the pen vertically and close to your foot.

Step 6:

Get the measuring tape and measure the length of the foot you just outlined on the plain A4 paper in step 5. Note the number in inches or cm.

Step 7:

Repeat Step 4 to Step 6 for your other foot.

Step 8:

Measure the two control lines as indicated on the page and note down the numbers in inches or cm. These control measurements are needed to print your scan accurately.

Download the .pdf file here

Do not forget to add your choice of collection when sending back your measurement, alternatively you can upload an image of your choice of shoe and we will design the finished product to your specification