Keeping Your Luxury Shoes New for Much Longer!

by Solemate by Dapper

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Think about that feeling you get when you purchase your new luxury leather shoes, that giddy feeling of excitement, and then when they arrive you’re hit with all those beautiful smells of new leather. The feeling is indescribable right? Everyone just wants to try on the new shoes, wear them everywhere, show them off to your friends – do everything with your shoes!

The downside to doing everything with your shoes is that they no longer look new, they lose the new feeling and it’s just not the same…


But hold on!

Here’s a very much needed guide on how to keeps those new shoes new!

Leather shoes need to be looked after properly and thoroughly to maintain the ‘new’ look and to keep them in a healthy condition.


Investing in a good quality wax polish is essential for your leather shoes. The wax polish will protect the leather which maintains the shining finish and it also prolongs the life of your luxury leather shoes, which is what you definitely want!

It is best to steer clear from liquid polish as it may react negatively to the high quality leather, this is something you most definitely do not want for your beautiful leather shoes.

If you have bought waterproof leather shoes the best option is to buy a waxed leather cream as this will protect the leather by conditioning and softening it. The wax cream isn’t coloured, as waterproof leathers, usually do not have a high shine so this type of polish will be the best option as it will keep the shoes in prime condition.

After polishing your shoes, put wooden shoe trees in them as it will keep the shape of the shoe, absorb odours and it will also reduce the chance of creases. I would recommend a shoe tree that has a full heel which is made out of unfinished cedar as this will give you the best results!


If you’re reading this post from England, you will understand that our weather is the definition of unpredictable! The best advice for new leather shows is to avoid wet conditions, however living in a country like England means that trying to avoid that is near impossible. So if your leather shoes do become wet allow the soles to dry naturally (this could take a long time depending on how wet the soles have become), you do not want the shoes near any direct or artificial heat as this could seriously damage the soles of your luxury shoes. When allowing your shoes to dry, putting a wooden shoe tree (which are widely available) will maintain the shape of your shoe and also help to soak up the moisture. In this case, if a wooden shoe tree is not available to you then newspaper is a suitable alternative.


Shoe horns are your saviour!!! That little foot dance that you make when trying to put your shoes on is the root of all evil as it will cause so much damage to your shoes – so buy a shoe horn!

Finally, don’t wear your shoes every day. They are beautiful and you want to show them off, but they need good conditions and wearing them every day will wear them out and ruin the beauty of the shoe.

We hope this guide helps you to keep those new shoes new! Keep those shoes beautiful and enjoy!!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions you would like answered, just comment on the Instagram (see links below) post with your question!
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