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Recently we have been talking to many women about what they look for in shoes

So today we are stepping into her shoes!

One comment that is hugely popular amongst women is that women are looking for ‘comfort, style and affordability’. These 3 attributes are very key. A lot of people want stylish shoes as shoes speak volumes when you put together an outfit. It’s like the icing on top of a cake. It’s normally the first thing someone notices.

Speaking to many women they said that style was important to them. Even if the shoes are for a casual outing or going to work, style seems to be a key factor. A lot of women are looking for shoes ‘that can match the rest of the outfit’.

Style does not come with a big price tag though! One woman I spoke to told me that many stylish shoes are in fact affordable and therefore the everyday, working class woman can be stylish without breaking their bank accounts – is this not what every woman wants!?

When I spoke to more women about shoes with a big price tag versus shoes that don’t have to break their bank accounts, most of the women told me that the more affordable shoes were in fact more comfortable.

You may be reading this and thinking that the word ‘affordable’ is subjective and you have no idea what we mean by that. Luxury that is affordable is what we mean. The women that I spoke to weren’t talking about very low cost shoes that you can find in supermarkets or certain high street brands, but they were talking more about luxury shoes that can be found in department stores or certain online retailers (or even ?). Comfort, style and luxury do not need to be compromised because of the price. It’s great that you can get luxury shoes that won’t hurt your soul and bank account!

So it seems to be that comfortable, stylish and affordable shoes are not hard to find!

Shoes are an important feature for anyone’s outfit. From all the various types of shoes on offer for women, you could assume that shoes are very important for women.

The famous saying ‘a woman can never have too many shoes’ is the truth of all truths!

You can never have enough shoes – I mean why would there be so many shoes on offer if you’re not meant to buy them all?

An article in The Mirror shows that an average woman owes about 24 pairs of shoes, that is definitely a lot of shoes, I even know woman that own around 60 pairs of shoes!

So it seems to be that the everyday woman is looking for comfort, style and affordability.

Something stylish, but doesn’t break the bank account.

We hope you enjoyed stepping into her shoes today and finding out what the everyday woman wants!

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